Wompimeequin Wampatuck comes from a long line of royal Chief Sachems, including the late great Chief Sachem KeenComsett, and his relative Wampatuck, who was claimed by the English settlers to have "sold" to the British all of "his" land, including a great portion of Massachusetts State and the land on which the City of Boston was established. Young Sachem Larry Fisher,  known many as Wompimeequin Wampatuck, who traditionally bears the name of this ancestor, currently serves as the Tribal Chief Sachem for the Mattakeeset Tribe of the Massachuset Indian peoples, and also represents many more indigenous peoples and organizations in various capacities.

 Wompimeequin is president of the Living Curators of the Americas for the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation; National Director for NACHP (National Association for Cultural Heritage Preservation); founder of PGGR (Promoting Government-to-Government Relationships), lead facilitator for the TRC ( Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Massachusetts); Indigenous representative for the United Nations NGO South West Native Cultures; Indigenous youth representative for United Nations NGO New Future Foundation; Board Director for United Nations NGO African Views in consultative status with ECOSOS Economic and Social Council; and ambassador of the United Indigenous Peoples and Tribes of the World to the World Energy Forum. In 2016 Wompimeequin was appointed as Chair of the Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples session for the World Energy Forum, and is the newly appointed Global Chief Organizer for Indigenous world governments at Global Green.

In 2015, Chief Sachem Wompimeequin was acknowledged publicly of his most honorable position as Tribal Chief Sachem by the Bullock family during a memorial powwow ceremony for their late father the honorable Paul Bullock. This acknowledgement was supported by an honor song sung by the Iron River Singers and traditional words of great and humble humiliation were spoken to Wompimeequin by Chief Kenny Alves, Chief of the Assonet Wampanoag Tribe and Repatriation Officer for the Wampanoag Confederacy.

 Native American community leaders, and chiefs from different nations were present for this ceremony and the Mattakeeset tribe’s resurrection that day was acknowledged here in the northeastern region of Indian country. On June 13, 2015, One feather (Chris Bullock) son of Paul Bullock handed down to Chief Sachem Wompimeequin an Eagle staff that he had made and had not been passed down until after his father passed and asked him to carry the staff home to his people and to serve his tribe as an honorable leader, chief and ambassador not only for the Mattakeeset tribal community but also for the Indigenous Peoples of the World. In October of 2015 Chief Sachem Wompimeequin was granted an unprecedented opportunity to speak in Washington D.C. at the White House for the Millions More Movement in front of 3 million people, and to address the conditions of Indigenous peoples and to offer an honor song to the world for peace and healing. Today this young visionary chief leads his community and many others in representing Indigenous peoples regarding the violations committed against them through his consultative status with United Nations NGOs, in order to assist governments with new viable solutions toward building and strengthening relationships between each other.

Chief Sachem Wompimeequin has worked in a number of ways on redressing past 
mistreatment of Indigenous peoples. One important achievement has been to improve the situation for Indigenous people through his leadership in developing effective systemic mechanisms for universities, by challenging practices and implementing favorable admission requirements for Indigenous students as a proper form of redress for universities who have benefited from urban development on sacred ancestral sites that was done without the free prior or informed consent of the Indigenous people concerned. Wompimeequin has also assisted research institutions, scientists, archeologists, and historians through his extensive assessments and evaluation reports pertaining to Indigenous knowledge. He has worked with mental health physicians in extensive research on the effects of epigenetics and is currently developing medical terminology to fit untreated illnesses caused by insidious and trans-generational traumas that may only be diagnosed by the indigenous person affected. Wompimeequin has worked extensively on assisting in reducing everyday psychological trans-generational trauma inflicted on indigenous peoples. Not only has Wompimeequin worked closely with City of Boston archeologists to carefully reexamine Boston's historical infrastructure around culturally monitoring land digs, but he has also investigated laws, ordinances, and policies that disenfranchise Indian peoples, and helped to eliminate forms of genocide -- whether paper or physical -- meaning to bring light to mistaken identity or classification, and has assisted tribes in negotiating with those who oppose their existence as well as drafting recommendations for states and governments to model after. 

Wompimeequin continues to lead in the recovery of sacred sites, intellectual properties, and archeological digs done on Indigenous settlement villages through illegal conveyance, as well as the recovery of conservation lands illegally conveyed to conservation commissions. He is working in a collaborative effort with grass root organizations around the U.S. to bring awareness to states and to assist in righting the wrongs for Indigenous people, and continues his message of peace, harmony, and balance.

Chief Sachem Wompimeeqquin is currently living in a traditional tribal territorial region of the Nonantum Indians of the Massachuset Nation, where he is finishing up his first book, "The Unearthed Doctrine of Paleo America," and working on a dissertation to obtain an honorary degree of Doctor in the history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences while introducing the complex theory and study of Mental Health Sovereignty.

Chief Wompimeequin will continue to assess and evaluate the social, economic, and political conditions of Indigenous communities and help to implement new ways that provide a national and international platform for Indigenous issues and solutions. This young and most honorable Chief looks forward to working closely with both Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples of the world to create a place that affords real opportunity for healing in the Spirit of Peace and that brings new solutions using traditional healing techniques, developing talking circle sessions, and providing state agencies with recommendations from the world's indigenous leaders and thinkers.