Tribal Members,

The Mattakeeset Tribal Council is proud to present the first strategic plans of resurrection for the Mattakeeset Tribe. Strategic plans serve to provide a road map for the government to follow as it works to provide services to its members, improving our overall quality of life. We are focusing on structuring our government and services to put our people first. We want to make sure that each of our Tribal Members can achieve the best life attainable whether they’re eight or eighty-nine years old.

This structuring includes a caring, aligned and effective Tribal Council; developing a Tribal workforce; recruiting talented professionals; creating a budget; evaluating, improving and implementing programs and services; and strengthening communications between our Tribal Members and our government. But big goals of this nature require a good plan. That’s why the Mattakeeset Tribal Council looks toward the opportunity to develop the Tribe’s first Strategic Plan. A lot of thoughtful work will go into resurrecting and structuring the Tribal Council and staff. We’ve thought long and hard about where we want our Tribe to be, now and ten years from now. This plan will guide us in positive directions that will improve our sustainability and self determination leading toward a greater use and control of our Tribal sovereignty.

The resurrection and structuring will innovate new vision for our Tribe and will set goals that are developed by the Mattakeeset Tribal Council. Each of the goals in the Strategic Plan will be implemented by the Council and the Tribe’s Governmental Departments. This plan also includes any department goals that go beyond the Council’s strategies. This is not the type of resurrection that will be developed and then forgotten. We’ll revisit this plan each year to incorporate the changes that reflect current government necessities and the needs of our people. We think you’ll find a great sense of hope in our resurrection for our Tribal children, teenagers, adults and Elders with all of their walks of life. Most of all, we’re excited to help make a brighter future for every generation, now and to come.

Chief Sachem