Our mission is to promote self-sufficiency, government to government relations, improving the quality of life through upholding the integrity of our identity and culture of the Mattakeeset Tribe 


To be a self-sufficient Indian community empowered to thrive in the modern world while preserving our cultural foundation.

"Spirits in my head. We have been asked to act as Sachems for our people. Don't misunderstand what this means. They are NOT asking us to save them. Saving a people is a right reserved to the Great Ones. Our people are asking, FIRST, that their Sachem be one of them, to know them, to understand them. Second, they ask for help in understanding things, not in telling them how they should live. A proud people, with respect for each member, must carry the responsibility of making life work as a tribe. If we are able to bring our brothers and sisters together, guiding them to be searchers together, then that is all that is expected - that we learn together how to share the Sacred Fire."




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