The Forestry Program strives to serve the Mattakeeset people by maximizing the benefits derived from the Tribe’s forest resources* in a cost effective and efficient manner. 

Using modern technology and sound scientific principles tempered with cultural values the Program will work with the environment to provide current and future Tribal citizens financial revenue while preserving the integrity of those resources needed to maintain strong links to traditional cultural practices. 

Of all the resources the Program manages the most valuable is its’ team members. The Program will endeavor to provide a safe and healthy working environment that supports an atmosphere that maintains the skilled and motivated team members.

By adhering to the Mission Statement, the Mattakeeset Forestry Program will enable the Mattakeeset people to look to the future with renewed confidence and enthusiasm knowing that their eastern woodland forest resources are being managed now, with the future and past in mind. 

*Forest resources include, but are not limited to values associated with: culture; fisheries; water; view scape; air quality; soils; timber; non-timber plants; wildfire.